Consider All Options And Outcomes If Missing A Mortgage Payment Is Necessary

Hello everyone Shawn Polston here with Keller Williams Realty and Tucson Short Sales thank you for your time today. I use this blog to provide homeowners who may be facing foreclosure or considering a short sale with valuable information on all of their options. If you need to sell your home fast or fear default is imminent please visit my website or call me directly to learn more about your...

Incentive Programs Help Homeowners Recover After Completing Tucson Short Sale

For homeowners that are considering a Tucson short sale there may be an opportunity to qualify for short sale incentive programs. Whether offered through a private lender or a federal entity thousands of homeowners have already received some help getting back on their feet after a short sale. These incentives include cash at closing, tax breaks and protection from future legal action by your...

Does Your Short Sale Agent Have Established Relationships With Chase?

If you’re watching this it probably means you have a loan with Chase and are considering a short sale. Chase is a lender that we’ve worked with for a very long time and the upper management there that handles the short sales are people that I’ve gotten to know very well over the years. The gentleman that is in charge of Chase short sales, I actually know him on personal level from...

Need To Sell But An Equity Sale Isn’t An Option? Consider A Tucson Short Sale

Are you falling behind on your mortgage, need to relocate for your job or are underwater on your home? Are you looking for an alternative to an equity sale or a foreclosure? Tucson short sale specialists want you to know that you can always list your home for sale on the Tucson short sale market. Some of you may be familiar with completing a Tucson short sale and some may not, so we’d like to go over...

Understanding The Nuances Of Bank Of America Is The Key To Short Sale Success

Hello everyone Shawn Polston here with Keller Williams Realty talking with homeowners today about the option to complete a Bank of America short sale. I use this blog to provide Arizona homeowners valuable information on the ever changing real estate market in order to put them in a position to make the best decision for their needs. If you have questions about your current home or are looking to sell...
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