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Is A Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure Right For You?

What is a deed in lieu of foreclosure? A deed in lieu of foreclosure is basically when you sell the house back to the person that owns the mortgage; it’s an alternative to them foreclosing on the house. One of the things about a deed in lieu of foreclosure is that it is a fairly complicated process with the lender. THere’s a lot of paperwork shuffling back and forth and staying on top of the...

Work With An Experienced Chase Short Sale Specialist

I wanted to talk to you today about Chase home loans and completing a short sale with them. If you are in a difficult situation with your mortgage or are underwater on your home and need to move, please contact me today. It doesn’t matter who your lender is because I have experience in working with all of them. There isn’t anything to be afraid of when completing a short sale, but it does help...

Want Experienced Help With Your Ocwen Short Sale?

Hello again; today I wanted to talk to you about completing a short sale with Ocwen lending. Ocwen is an interesting company to do business with as far as short sales go. If you’ve been on the internet and looked around for information on completing a short sale with Ocwen there’s a pretty good chance that you’re intimidated by what you’ve seen and the information that you’ll...

Good News Regarding Purchasing A Home After A Short Sale Or Foreclosure

Today I wanted to talk to you about how soon you can buy a home after a foreclosure or a short sale. Typically, it has been anywhere from 2-4 years for a short sale and 5-7 years for a foreclosure, depending on your lender and loan type, however today we have something exciting to share with you. We have some new information from the people at FHA that they are actually going to allow people, provided...

Do You Want To Short Sale With SunTrust Bank?

Hi this is Shawn again with TucsonShortSale.com and I wanted to welcome you to today’s blog where we’re going to talk about SunTrust Bank. If you have a loan with SunTrust and are unfortunately one of those people that are underwater that are deciding what to do with their home, I want you to know that SunTrust Bank is a bank that I have worked with incredibly well in the past. As of the date...
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