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Do You Need Help With Your FHA Short Sale?

Thanks for coming to TucsonShortSales.com with Keller Williams Southern Arizona. I wanted to talk to you about FHA short sales today. I’ve got a number of blog posts and videos out there on FHA short sales because I’ve been doing them for a very long time. Most of the guidelines associated with FHA short sales are from 1992 so it’s nothing new. One of the key things about FHA short...

Who is Responsible for Paying the Huge HOA Fees at the Close of Your Short Sale?

Hi there, I’m Shawn Polston with TucsonShortSaleNegotiator.com, one of Tucson’s leading short sale teams. I wanted to talk to you today about Rancho Sahuarita and Sahuarita. Sahuarita is an area that is near and dear to me. We do a tremendous business in the Sahuarita area. At any given time we are handling 5-15 sales down there. We are very active in the area. One of the things I wanted to...

Having Trouble With Your PNC Short Sale And Need Some Help?

Hello everyone my name is Shawn Polston with Tucson Short Sales and 502 Short Sales thank you for your time today. I work with Keller Williams Realty in the Tucson area and use this blog to share valuable information with distressed property owners on their options for avoiding foreclosure. If your mortgage is underwater and you are having trouble making your payment each month take a minute to browse my...

You Can Do A Short Sale With Multiple Liens Against Your Home

Hi there, Shawn Polston here with TucsonShortSale.com in Tucson. I wanted to talk to you today about short sales with multiple liens on the property. A lot of people have multiple liens against their property whether it’s two mortgages, a mortgage and a HELOC, a mortgage and a judgment, a mortgage and an IRS lien, etc. One of the saddest things I see is they will talk to a real estate agent that...

Principle Reductions and Information about Loan Modifications

Hi there, I’m Shawn Polston with TucsonShortSaleNegotiator.com, one of Tucson’s leading short sale teams. On the loan modification front, the federal housing finance agency released some information recently and they basically control Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They are the two largest owners of mortgages in the United States. If you would like to figure out if you have a Fannie Mae or a...
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