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Is A Tucson Short Sale Going To Affect My Credit?

Right now we’d like to put to rest one of the more popular myths about completing a Tucson short sale: that it will destroy your credit. First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind that you should take most short sale information with a grain of salt if it doesn’t come directly from a Tucson short sale expert. There are a number of rumors floating around out there that simply...

Tucson Short Sale Package: What Do I Include?

If you’ve started the process of selling your home on the Tucson short sale market or if you’re about to do so, you may be wondering what you need to include in the short sale package that your lender requires. While this often depends on your specific lender and what short sale programs they offer, there are certain items that generally all banks need. Perhaps the most important piece of...

Avoid Foreclosure With A Tucson Short Sale

Have you recently found yourself behind on your mortgage, facing foreclosure or underwater and need to sell? If so, you should know that there is an option for you and that’s selling your home on the Tucson short sale market. Many homeowners that are facing mortgage difficulties are unaware that a Tucson short sale is an option for them or that it’s still possible to complete one even though...

Is It Still Possible To Complete A Tucson Short Sale?

While the real estate market is slowly getting better throughout the country, there are still a number of homeowners throughout the nation and in our area that are underwater and wondering if they can complete a Tucson short sale on their home. Thankfully for these homeowners, the answer is, yes, you can still complete a Tucson short sale on your home. Whether you are underwater or need to complete a short...

How A Tucson Short Sale Impacts Your Credit; Get Your Facts Straight

One of the biggest myths out there regarding Tucson short sales is that it will completely destroy your credit. While a Tucson short sale can negatively impact your credit, saying that it will be destroyed is a bit of an overstatement. Unfortunately, it is misinformation such as this that keeps many homeowners from completing a Tucson short sale and gaining some of the financial freedom that they could...
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