Choose A Realtor That Knows The Wells Fargo Short Sale Process

Today I would like to talk to you about your Wells Fargo home loan; they can come in a few different varieties. We actually see Wells Fargo loans as well as ASC, which Wells Fargo is involved with in some way. Wells Fargo is a very proactive company when it comes to wanting to help their homeowners out of a difficult mortgage situation. They are also a very systematic, process-oriented company; they do...

Does Your Realtor Know Wells Fargo’s Short Sale Process?

The reason I wanted to talk to you today was because if you have a Wells Fargo mortgage or an ASC Loan Servicing mortgage, really they are one in the same company, I would like to tell you that Wells Fargo is a company that we’ve assisted numerous times. We have helped an abundance of homeowners successfully complete short sales; we are incredibly familiar with their systems and processes, so much...

ASC Short Sales Have The Benefit Of A Predictable Time Frame

If you are watching this today it probably means that you have a mortgage with America’s Servicing Company, or ASC, and are looking for short sale help or information. I’m not entirely sure what their relationship is with Wells Fargo but I think the odds are good that they are owned by Wells Fargo. Any time we go to ASC with a short sale, it’s actually the people at Wells Fargo that...
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