Considering A Tucson Short Sale? Try The Short Sale Calculator

Do you want to complete a Tucson short sale on your home but aren’t sure if it’s better for you to stay in your home? If you’re in a difficult situation with your mortgage or simply want to know what your property value is, there’s now a great tool to help you figure all of this out. The Short Sale Calculator can help you determine just how underwater you are on your home, what your...

Make Your Decision Easier By Using The Short Or Stay Calculator

Hello there Shawn Polston here with Tucson Short Sales and 520 Short Sales thank you for checking out my blog today. I work with Keller Williams Realty in the Tucson area and my team and I specialize in short sales. I update my blog frequently to provide relevant content to homeowners looking to avoid foreclosure. If my blog is helpful today, or if you would like more information, take a minute to browse...
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