Tucson Short Sale Specialist Discusses how to Buy a Short Sale

Hi there, I’m Shawn Polston with TucsonShortSale.com and Keller Williams Southern Arizona. I wanted to talk to you today about the flip side or the buyer’s side of a short sale. It’s not uncommon; we actually have buyers come to us because we have the knowledge of the listing side of a short sale. They are usually curious about how to buy a short sale. One of the biggest things about buying...

Short Sale Guidelines Are Dependent Upon Many Different Factors

Hi there, Shawn Polston with Keller Williams and TucsonShortSaleNegotiator.com in Tucson. Today I wanted to talk to you about short sale guidelines; this is a subject that I know a lot of people search for online because there are a lot of definitions. When someone asks me what short sale guidelines are, I first ask them what type of loan they have, who the investor is and who the lender is. All of the...

Why Is It So Important To Find A Trusted Short Sale Team?

Hello everyone Shawn Polston here with 520 Short Sale and Tucson Short Sale thank you for your time today. My team of short sale professionals are working every day with Tucson homeowners to find the best alternative to foreclosure for each unique situation. If you are having troubling paying your mortgage each month or have seen the value of your home continue to drop take a minute to browse my website...

Bank of America is Offering Incentives to Customers who complete a Short Sale on their Homes

Hey there, I’m Shawn Polston with 520ShortSale.com, from Keller Williams and your Tucson short sale specialist. I wanted to talk to you today about my friends at Bank of America and short sales. Bank of America just released a brand new program. If you have a Bank of America loan and you have been having trouble with your payments or maybe even not, you may be receiving a letter in the mail that...

How to short sale when you have multiple loans-Tucson Short Sale Specialist

Hi there, I’m Shawn Polston with TucsonShortSalenegotiator.com, with Keller Williams Realty, your Tucson short sale specialists. I wanted to talk today about situations where we have multiple mortgages on a property or multiple liens on a property. The reason I want to bring it up is because you will run into people and real estate agents unfortunately that are under the impression that if...
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