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Is Your Loan Mod Coming To Term? Consider All Options Before Reapplying

I wanted to go over loan modifications today because there are a lot of people that have had their loans modified about four years ago and they’re coming up on their fifth year. This means the loan is going to change back to what it originally was or something else. If you talk about loan modifications as if you were talking about going to the doctor, I would say, unfortunately, that a loan...

While Not Every Short Sale Is The Same The Keys To Success May Be

Hello everyone Shawn Polston with Keller Williams Realty talking with homeowners today about some of the keys to getting your short sale approved quickly. I use this blog to keep distressed property owners in the Tucson area up to date and knowledgeable about their current real estate options. If you have questions about your current property situation or need to sell your home fast please take a minute...

Is Your Agent Charging You Upfront To Do A Short Sale?

One of the most common questions I have received in the last 10 years of doing short sales in the Tucson area is, "Sean, what are we going to have to pay you or how do you get paid for performing this service for us?" It’s actually really simple but first of all I want to caution you about talking to an agent that wants money up front or on the back end to complete your short sale. Number...

Green Tree Never Makes It Easy To Complete A Short Sale But It’s Possible

Hello everyone Shawn Polston with Tucson Short Sales and Keller Williams Realty talking with you today about completing a Green Tree short sale. If you have questions about the short sale process or are at risk of missing a mortgage payment please give me a call or visit my website. I offer all homeowners a no obligation free consultation and want to provide you with the information to help make your best...

Does Your Short Sale Agent Have Established Relationships With Chase?

If you’re watching this it probably means you have a loan with Chase and are considering a short sale. Chase is a lender that we’ve worked with for a very long time and the upper management there that handles the short sales are people that I’ve gotten to know very well over the years. The gentleman that is in charge of Chase short sales, I actually know him on personal level from...
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