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ASC Short Sales Have The Benefit Of A Predictable Time Frame

If you are watching this today it probably means that you have a mortgage with America’s Servicing Company, or ASC, and are looking for short sale help or information. I’m not entirely sure what their relationship is with Wells Fargo but I think the odds are good that they are owned by Wells Fargo. Any time we go to ASC with a short sale, it’s actually the people at Wells Fargo that...

Don’t Fear Tax Consequences Of Tucson Short Sale Take Advantage Of Government Program

If you are considering a Tucson short sale but concerned about the potential tax consequences there is good news for you. Thanks to an extention from Congress distressed property owners may be able to avoid the hefty tax bill that can be associated with your Tucson short sale. However, this extension is only until the end of 2013 so it is important to act fast in order to take advantage of this...

Considering A Tucson Short Sale? Try The Short Sale Calculator

Do you want to complete a Tucson short sale on your home but aren’t sure if it’s better for you to stay in your home? If you’re in a difficult situation with your mortgage or simply want to know what your property value is, there’s now a great tool to help you figure all of this out. The Short Sale Calculator can help you determine just how underwater you are on your home, what your...

Now May Be The Best Time To Complete A Tucson Short Sale

Are struggling to make your mortgage payments every month with no relief in sight? Unfortunately many homeowners make the decision to stop paying their mortgage or even worse, empty their savings account to stay current. A Tucson short sale may be your best solution to your current underwater mortgage problems.A Tucson short sale occurs when your lender accepts less money than you currently owe in order...

Is Your Realtor A Tucson Short Sale Specialist?

Are you looking for a realtor to help you with your Tucson short sale and had just planned on working with your traditional real estate agent? If this is the case, Tucson short sale experts want to caution you that this may not be the best decision for a few different reasons. When selling your home on the Tucson short sale market, you want to ensure that the realtor you are working with has as much Tucson...
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